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"“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” 

— Albert Einstein

Ecora Software

Change and configuration management software for servers and workstations.

Compliance Center Dashboard

Run a Report Tab

Report Status Tab

Report Archives Tab

Tracked Policies Tab

SilverRail Technologies

A customer experience set for the modern rail

Today, the booking and managing of rail travel is fragmented across multiple, outdated systems. It’s an unnecessary burden on the carriers, travel distributors, travel managers and travellers themselves. SilverRail believes these five standards are crucial to modern rail’s success:
•  One language for global rail
•  Real-time routing, pricing and scheduling
•  A common index for all journeys
•  A single, seamless ticket for any journey
•  A comprehensive inventory of global rail. One that upholds the quality, consistency and availability of rail routes, prices and schedules from around the world.

JQ Skin I

JQ Skin II


JQ Skin IV — Sign In Modal

JQ Skin IV — Search Bookings

JQ Skin IV — Booking Results

Fiserv Insurance Solutions

Administrator Console Screens

 Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV) is a global organization with more than 12,000 clients and 23,000 associates worldwide. The company takes pride in its mission to enable clients to achieve best-in-class results driving quality and innovation in Payments, Processing Services, Risk & Compliance, Customer & Channel Management, and Insights & Optimization. The company is highly regarded for its leadership and innovation in financial services technology and services, including award-winning solutions for mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics and core account processing.

Commonwealth Financial Network

Financial Advisor Dashboard

Commonwealth Financial Network is a privately held Registered Investment Advisor–independent broker/dealer based in Waltham, Massachusetts, and San Diego, California. The company was founded in 1979 and has approximately 1,778 independent financial advisors and financial planners for whom it serves as a "back office," processing investment transactions on behalf of their clients, and to whom the firm provides resources and consulting services to support the advisors' businesses.
Commonwealth needed an "Advisors Dashboard" for advisors to instantly access financial information while servicing an investor in real time.

The dashboard is configurable by the advisor so that he/she can add, subtract and rearrange the dashboard widgets to their personal taste and work-flow. It even offers several themes that will change the look and feel based on time of year or events. The goal was to cut down on application thrashing and bring focus to the many outside services and partnerships of Commonwealth Financial.

H&R Block

Retail Appointment Manager

H&R Block needed a way to allow their tax professionals to schedule their time. The tax professionals need face-to-face and phone based appointment times as well as blocks of time to actually prepare their customers returns. This application allows them to define the category of tax preparation needed for pricing and  manage the estimated time to do more complicated returns based on their own floating schedules. 

The software is configurable by day, week and month based on the "tax season" business model and automatically sends schedule updates to the customer, via email and/or text messaging. Users simply reply Yes or No to confirm changes and updates.

MetLife Auto: Quote Finder


This was an R&D project using Adobe Flash. It was a browser based interactive interface for tablets that allowed users to investigate an insurance quote for their motor vehicles, prior to meeting with an agent.


Start Screen

The users could add the drivers and vehicles needed for their policy and the insurance settings were adjusted (via an interview process) to illustrate the effects on cost of the various offerings.


Adding a driver

The Quote Finder allowed the user see an (estimated) average of what to expect before meeting with their agent. The goal was to put the user in control and educatate them on the different terms and offerings when determaining their insurance needs.

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